Will your career ‘story’ have the ending you want?

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The seeds to your absolute, total peace and satisfaction with your career are mere inches away. They’re inside you!

Imagine for a minute…really, close your eyes and imagine: you’re home on Friday in the late afternoon, sitting on your deck, having a drink and basking in the glow of your week at work. You’re completely satisfied because it was a really great week.

Now – write down  your personal definition what makes a great week at work.

I’ve asked this question to almost a hundred clients in the last few years and they all have different definitions. But they all follow a central theme:

  • I am somewhere that I can be who I am and live out my values.
  • I am doing what I’m passionate about and good at.
  • I get the kinds of rewards I crave from the people around me.

If you really did this little imagineering exercise, congratulations!

Only three questions stand between you and the fulfillment of that dream:

  • Have you defined it enough to know what it is and is not?
  • Do you know why someone should choose you for that kind of work over any other possible candidate?
  • Can you keep yourself in the ‘jet stream’ of those kinds of opportunities?

The truth: job markets will go up and down, forever. “Recruiting best practices” will change with the supply and demand for people. One year you’ll be the apple of some market’s eye, and the next you’ll be left behind.

The truth is that your destiny is in your hands alone.

Will you accept that responsibility? Will you discharge it with zeal, passion and the best tactics you can find and implement?

I’d be honored to help you. I help people go beyond ‘wanting’ something to implementing the steps to GET there. I consult and teach them to take concrete marketing actions to find satisfying, personally meaningful employment whenever they need or want to.

Why do people choose me over other providers:

  • Fast, direct and tough – a kick in the seat of the pants to get you on the right track.
  • Gritty expertise from 727 hires worth of secrets from deep in the strange minds of hiring managers and HR people.
  • Guided, personalized and uniquely tailored to you.
  • Built to rapidly generate marketing sense, tools and tactics that are as ruthless as it takes to get the job done.

You can see in as little as 45 minutes whether I can help you or not.


Scott Birkhead

Self-marketing coach for those determined not to get left on the sidelines.

Free Videos for Job Seekers

“Above the Fold” on Your Resume

The top 1/2 of your resume will make or break your chances. Here’s a short free video on why, and what to do about it.

There’s even a no-cost cheat sheet you can download!

Watch Resume Video Here:

How to Go Around HR

Wish someone would just lend you a helping hand instead of having to go stand in the HR line with 358 other people? Here’s a short video on what it takes to get someone’s attention and get them on your side to get in for more interviews.

You can also download an ‘over the shoulder’ PDF of me showing you how it’s done.

Watch Around HR Video Here:


“Dear Scott,

Wanted to let you know I did get the job offer as the Regional Vice President for the National Kidney Foundation.  I begin June 1.   I am really thrilled and wanted to thank you for all your help and the great classes and advice you gave me.

The program was great – fast paced, I enjoyed the work we did outside of class as well as in class. I liked the homework. It was relevant and thought provoking. I was surprised to learn so much about emotional buying:  I have always tried to sell features and benefits of my skills, so this was definitely new to me. Once I used the resources of emotional buying I immediately began to connect with all the different levels of people I interviewed with from HR to board members to my boss and I believe I ultimately got the job because of this.

I used so many of the “lessons” you taught ,especially the part about reaching the emotional level of selling myself.  That made all the difference.

Count on me as a reference.”

Kathy Wegner
Denver, CO


The gym is already thinning out . . .

It’s a whole month into the new year.

For the last few months (yes, even before the eating season) my wife and I have been going to the YMCA down the road from us to exercise. She’s been more regular than me, but especially after the holidays I started back routinely 3-4 days a week.

For the first few weeks of this month there was a line some days to get on a treadmill or an elliptical. After only a few, there are always machines open.

It’s that new year thing, right? Look back; see areas of life we’re unhappy with; resolve; start. But don’t finish.

I have a book on losing weight that says that people who have a plan and go with someone are 70% more likely to stick with an exercise program than those who do not.

What about your job?

Tired of driving in? Tired of bumping your emotional elbows on the same darned issues (or people) year after year? Tired of telling yourself you have to devote “100%” to a company when you know (deep down inside) that the company no intentions of expressing the same devotion by helping you get where you want in life?

Let me tell you – a paycheck is a wonderful thing. And stability and contentment are to be desired.

But no one owns you.You have the responsibility to make sure the 10 hours a day you devote to working fills up your heart and hopes…not just your wallet.

And just like an exercise plan, having some goals and someone to go with you can be the difference between success and failure.

Got something for you along those lines if you hurry…

What I Can Do For You

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Do you need help getting your feet back under you in this tough market, or to prepare yourself to move on to another position?

You’re in a unique spot – where you can get tactical job hunting skills, long-term perspective for your career, and direct self-marketing information packaged specifically for people who want to quickly ‘crack the code’ on how to find work that will suit them in every possible way.

One-on-One Coaching Services – designed to deliver one-on-one assistance to qualified job seekers who want individual attention, lots of writing help, and someone to act as agent, advocate, mentor and coach.

eProducts – short, simple-to-use, low-cost products you can use to rapidly improve what you’re doing in the most critical parts of your job search.

Not Sure – sometimes it’s difficult to know what you need. Is it best to start over from scratch and completely rebuild your self-marketing? Or do you fix a few things that  are broken , but otherwise you’re doing OK…or do you just need some coaching and accountability to regain your confidence and get results?

If you’re not sure, and you’d like an opinion, I offer a short 30-minute structured chat to help.

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